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A real estate investment can be a long-term or short-term undertaking. With the latter, investors sometimes participate in flipping, in which real estate is purchased, refurbished or remodelled, and sold for a profit within a short period of time.

Plan of Land Survey

Each and every construction project has to have a survey done.The process, profession, and scientific endeavour of surveying, often known as land surveying, involves identifying the terrestrial or three-dimensional locations of points as well as the distances and angles that separate them.

This is a map-based exhibit.

The very first type of topographical survey aims to locate, on a horizontal plane, one or even more points relative to one or more other points. This will be accomplished by measuring horizontal lengths and horizontally rotations or directions. You will use a technique called plan surveying.

Enhancement Location Certification

Similar to a mortgage certificate, home improvements require a survey showing the house's location. The town requires enough topographical detail to decide if the refurbishment will meet building zoning restrictions.


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My experience as a member of a survey stakeout team spans more than three decades. In construction zones, I have encountered both slow- and quick-moving machinery. Frequently, operators of huge earth-moving machinery have difficulties spotting a surveyor standing on the ground. Crews conducting stakeout must be vigilant at all times for moving equipment, particularly backing equipment. Within the scope of the project, it was always our policy for crew members to wear suitable safety helmets and reflective vests. In a busy work zone, it is advisable to have an observer standing next to the person placing stakes to keep an eye out for moving machinery.

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The history of surveying dates all the way back to ancient times. Around the year 3000 B.C., the Egyptians started keeping a written land registry. Around the same time, the Nile River flooded, and construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza was documented. Both of these events occurred around the same time.

Land surveying as a profession was established by the Romans, and land surveyors were responsible for producing the key measures that were used to partition the Roman Empire (300 AD), such as a tax record of area that had been seized (300AD)
In Europe during the eighteenth century, a method of surveying known as triangulation was used to construct a hierarchy of networks in order to allow point insertion inside a nation. This approach based on the measurement of angles, and it was used to place points inside of countries.

Our mission

Our objective is to become the industry leader by delivering our clients with the most accurate and reliable survey data. Our specialists have extensive expertise and experience in geodetic, geographic coordinate surveying, geomatics, plane surveying, and mapping.
Our mission is to provide reliable engineering data backup to all of our clients and to assist them in finding the best solutions for their projects. We strive to give our clients with the most efficient and best solution possible. To ensure the complete pleasure of our customers, we offer high-quality mapping and surveying services at extremely affordable rates.