Different Forms of Surveying

There are different kinds of surveys and among them three are the most popular and they are land surveying, topographical surveying and lastly underground surveying. If you’re planning on getting your home surveyed you need to know what these three kinds of surveys are used for:

Topographical surveying

As the name suggests this kind of surveying has everything to do with the measurement of the surface area of the earth as we know it. This is done in order to ascertain the different forms of natural as well as manually constructed features in a particular area.

This is done in order to provide you with a sort of 3D map of the area before you construct your new home, office or any other form of construction. In order to do this you would need to hire some of the best land surveyors as this isn’t an easy job by any means.

Land surveying

If you’re looking for an accurate measurement of a particular region you’re going to need to get the land surveyed. This is done in order to determine boundaries and such.

When you hire a surveying company to survey your land it is also their duty to determine the boundaries of your and with that of government property and other forms of private and public property.

This is done in order to make sure that you only build on property that belongs to you and hence in the long run you won’t have any kind of problems wherein parts of your home would have to be demolished just because you encroached into territory that didn’t belong to you.

Underground Surveying

This is definitely the most difficult among the three as in this case the surveying team would have to determine what is present underground. As you know, they would have to do this without actually looking at what’s underneath, i.e. they need to conduct tests as they wouldn’t be able to dig through the earth and see what’s present below.

This needs to be done in order to determine whether there are any sinkholes, electric cables, water pipes or even drains passing under your land.

Therefore, before you begin construction of any new building it would be wise to hire the services of a renowned surveying company or two as this would guarantee that you’re getting the job done right.

It’s a complicated process and therefore for larger projects multiple surveying companies are hired in order to minimize errors.